09.28 - 10.4

Week 5, we have taken a little break from creating content.Iinstead, we focused on flushing out more ideas about the project’s structure, and setting out individual sections and corresponding creative components.

Sarscha took the initiative to provide her loose structure for the dance:

Fluid continuous movement
- expanding out
- stretching body
- going from small to big
- tension

Manipulating objects
- creating space to move
- Mundane movements
- Blanket - hugging, having it cover me

Weighted physical touch on the body
- hands on body
- outside textures
- rubbing, grabbing, smoshing
- on the spot
- Weighted heaviness (depression) ->> negative emotion. Acknowledging the negativity

Stretches and yoga type pose
- working the body - rotation of joints

Internal textures
- close up on the bare skin
- moving of bones, joints and skin

Derrick’s notes on how he sees himself  approaching the final performance:

Fluidity in movement
-> focus on shape, rather than details. Sarscha in silhouette?
->projection onto silk screen behind her. No other light source.
-> the projected light reacts to music and movement.
-> would jenns duality collage benefit from silhouettes?
-> lights (lamp?) comes back on, revealing a cluttered domestic environment.

Manipulation of objects
`sarscha solo?
`I see my part of visual recedes for this section
`projection onto the blanket, before she picks it up and picked it up
`projection dims out, making the blanket an object.

`could sarscha at the end disappear into the blanket, and music and/or visual take over for a period, drawing on the idea of [under the weight of a blanket] and [inside a womb/a safe haven]. -> Jenn’s breathing practice?
`then sarscha reemerge from under the blanket and we move on to the next section.

Weighted physical touch
Live action


Internal texture
`outro - bedsheet slowly moving away?s


Throughout the performance. An overarching gradient: it goes from nighttime-y (dark room) to daytime-y (the blue sky)