September 21st - 27th, 2020.

After spending three weeks iterating each other’s work, we have used week 4 to focus on individual experiments. We all spent this time to  explore techniques that we previously found interesting  and that we haven’t had a chance to delve into.   


Feelings: Feelings of disjointment, interruption and re-adjustment
Feeling stuck by the blanket and the restricted movement a blanket imposes 

The Weight: King size blanket (anything heavier and that limits movement) & if too light, too easy to move. This weight, she’s almost struggling with. It would be nice to be completly covered too.  

Intimacy: The dynamics of blanket and body. Moments where Sarscha hugs and rocks the blanket is very wholesome and intimate. At time too, the blanket hugs her... what can you hug these days? It’s almost childish in a very visceral way. 

Disappearing: Something to explore further: Notions to let the blanket overtake you and so, you disappear & being consumed by the blanket. 


Colour Palletes: Pastel, calming whites. The colours of sky and the colours of transcence. 

Passage of time: Both use great sense of slow moving time. This idea can be further explored in the performance. 

Production: Using projectors as light sources? Projectors are so bright and can essentially become a light source. Have been considering types of projection surfaces. Derricks animations can also become brackdrops for the performance and too, in further movement mapping & considered placement of projector (top down?)

Gradients: Can be used as breathing exercises.