September 14th - 20th, 2020.

This week, we used Sarscha’s 2nd week dance as a starting point,s to experiment with music and visuals.

Lou continued their exploration with guitar and live improv to respond and synchronise with Sarscha’s choreography.

The guitar sounds were fed into an effect rack inside Ableton, with grainy delays and LFOs to produce the drony, echoy and ethereal feel. 

We discussed cue points and the trick of finding a tempo in dance performance.

Jenn and Derrick spent their first half of the week filming and collaging visuals seperatley. Jenn focused on the quality of moving gradients and abstracting live footages into something more visceral, while Derrick considered textures of skin with coloured lights, DSLR extension tubes and fabrics.  

For the second half of the week, Jenn and Derrick came together to review each other’s work. They collaborated towards a joint visual piece  inspired by a shared interest in movement, tension, gradient and duality found in their individual works.

In addition to our routine project review, the group took some time to discuss the current Covid-19 situation in Victoria and the lockdown’s impact on our planned performance. We thought it was for the best that we devise a ‘roadmap’ of some sort in the coming weeks, to  understand all our options, and to better situate ourselves in this constantly changing landscape. 

We are currently in the first step in Victoria’s re-open roadmap. Our performance, scheduled for the 4th of Novemver, falls into the third step (if all goes to plan), which would allow us to leave home and gather, with an indoor limit of 5 people/2 households.

Here are our options:
  1. VCA campus reopens, we somehow get permission to use a suitable space either from dance or FTV. We record the performance live, with all members present on the day. 
  2. We fail to secure a space on-site. We somehow find a suitable space outside VCA and hire it for the live performance.
  3. Both attempts fail. We use Lou’s rental/studio space as a backup. We need to make sure this doesn’t challenge the rule of indoor household limit.
  4. We can’t use Lou’s space due to household limit. Either Jenn or Derrick travels to Sarscha’s house, to film her dance performance and to set up projection around her. The music and additional visual components are added in post.
  5. All plans fail, or we don’t make it to third step re-open, all members record their components at home by themselves. All recordings are brought together and assembled in post.

Fingers crossed we don’t end up with option#5 :(