September 7st - 13th, 2020.

For the second week, we used both Derrick’s and Jenn’s visuals from Week 1 as a starting point for experimentations from dance and music.  In addition, Jenn also created another sketch based on some of her her new ideas about fabrics, movements and video-collaging  


Internal/External & Duality: Sarscha’s new choreography expanded upon last week’s idea of confined motion in the home setting. She played around with juxtaposing full-body movements with close-ups of her back. This  not only explored the texture of her skin, but also created an interesting duality for her movement phrases.  She explained that she felt free (internal), despite that the dance gave off a slight sense of tension (external). This echoed again with our discussion about external vs. internal textures from last week.

Spaces: We asked her how she felt dancing at home, in comparison to dancing in a more open space like a studio. She thought that dancing at home meant that she was more contained and couldn’t afford to run or jump around at will. This wil definitely feed into our designs for the performance space in the future.


This week, Lou experimented with a guitar.

Inprovisations: The music was created as a live improvosational piece directly from the visuals. This was a method Lou preferred to rather than playing something pre-recorded and intentional. We all agreed that a live music performance lent itself to a better synchronisation between visual and audio components.

Audio Effects: Lou used extensive delay pedals for this particular piece, and they performed close to the amp so there were lots of feedback. This was an interesting technique- almost ghostly- and worth exploring more.

What we are thinking now:

  1. the psychology of different dance environments.
  2. can we design a performance area, where Sarscha can push objects away to create more space? And what this ability to expand movement space entail (for her, and for her audience)?