August 31st - September 6th, 2020.

For the first week of the experiments, we decided to use Lou’s composition as a starting point. Their piece helped us translate our ideas into the visual disciples of dance and animation. 


Framing & Setting: The vertical format minimised space while her cluttered home environment suggested senses of confinement, tension and rigitdiy to her movements. 

Costume & Clothing: We really liked the manipulation of clothes. In moments where clothes get tugged, it suggested something more intimate and relatable. The acknowledgement of clothing also fitted nicely with Lou’s compostion (the intimate zips of clothing, use of foley of fabric textures), this made us  think about what type of costuming may be implemented in the performance. On the note of relatability, we discussed the potential for the costuming to be more casual and comfy rather than conventional  skin tight bodysuits. 


Visual Texture: For Derrick’s visual, he took a very generative approach and translated Lou’s composition into something visually tactile and stimulating. The textures of the animation were very grainy and sandy, almost like a stained glass window. This made us wonder if we could utilise this and turn it into a ‘virtual window’ somehow? ...Or to apply this idea to other domestic objects?

‘Internal/External’ Textures: Derrick’s visual texture reminded Sarscha of the interal and external textures of the body. She pointed out that the grainy animations reminded her of the feeling when there was an ‘external texture’ while dancing- in the sense where an audience will only see an implied external texture but, the movements of Sarscha’s flesh and bones would be an ‘interenal texture’- one that Sarscha could only personally feel and audiences cannot see/feel. 

Emotional Meditativeness: Jenn’s video works were very visually poetic and calming. The clean colours and the fluid movements all contributed to a meditative viewing experience. The subject matter of the clothesline also felt very childish as it it reminded us of childhood memories and calmness. The video worked really well with Lou’s music as she was inspired to use textile/clothing like the track. 

What we are thinking now:
  1. Sarscha’s costuming -- what textile? Fabrics?
  2. do we wanna take it a step forward and incorporate more domestic, familiar movements? To make it less ‘this is a performance, watch now’. But rather inviting people to relate.  
  3. how to incorporate more subtle, intricate sounds that can be used to trigger generative visual elements? The visual-audio sync.
  4. when u dance. What we see vs. how you feel about your body.
  5. How Derrick’s and Jenn’s different visual approaches can find symbiosis within this collaboration.